Season 2

Final Honors ThumbnailFinal Honors, broadcast June 20th, 2016

A discussion of Final Honors and what that means for the family. Veterans from Honor Guard organizations as well as active duty military personnel join the discussion.

Veterans Service Organiztion Thumbnail Opens in new windowVeteran Service Organizations, broadcast May 16th, 2016

Veteran organizations are a great way for vets to get involved in their community and interact with other vets. Meet organizers from the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Disabled American Vets.

Abour Face still image thumbnailAbout Face, broadcast April 18th, 2016

The veteran self portrait project About Face gives veterans an outlet for self expression. Meet the creators of this project and see a real time painting demonstration by the instructor.

Vets Sreving Vets still image thumbnailVets Serving Vets, broadcast March 21st, 2016

This month we celebrate the veterans who reach out to other veterans in their community offering their support and service. We profile several veterans who continue to make a difference in the lives of their peers.

Moral Injury -The War after the War still image thumbnail Opens in new windowMoral Injury: The War after the War, broadcast February 15th, 2016

The topic of Moral Injury is discussed through a lively panel dialogue. A definition of both PTSD and Moral Injury is given to clarify the difference and show similarities of both issues.

2015 Highlights Episode Thumbnail Opens in new window2015 Highlights Special, broadcast January 18th, 2016

Journey with us through our past year of programming to experience our viewer's favorite moments as well as our most memorable guests and compelling veteran topics.

Women THUMBWomen in the Military, broadcast November 16th, 2015

This female-centric show discusses issues unique to women in the military and the transition back to civilian life for female veterans. Hosted by veterans Linsay Rousseau and Melissa Margain.

Vietnam ThumbThe Veterans' Voices Vietnam Special, broadcast October 19th, 2015

Guests reflect on the war, coming home, and then returning to Vietnam years later. A Vietnamese refugee gives her perspective on fleeing during the fall of Saigon.

HomelessTHUMBVeterans and Homelessness, broadcast September 21st, 2015

Veterans and Homelessness Outreach coordinators from the VA & county discuss services for homeless veterans. A formally homeless vet shares his success story.

VETCON THUMBLive from VetCon 2015, broadcast August 17th, 2015

VetCon is an opportunity for veterans to gather and network with employers, schools, benefits, and most importantly, each other. Our live episode includes interviews with attendees and organizations.

Gold Star THUMBGold Star Families, broadcast July 20th, 2015

The term Gold Star Family describes those who's loved one was killed during active duty. Military families join the show to discuss what they went through when their loved one was lost.