CCAS Foster Program

man-kissing-dogWhy Foster?

  • Each animal fostered in a home opens space at the shelters for us to save another animal!
  • Preparing a homeless pet for adoption by giving your love, time, and friendship is such a rewarding feeling.
  • Fostering gives animals a more comfortable and natural place to thrive because some animals don't do well in a shelter. 
  • The addition of a foster animal brings immeasurable richness and joy to the household. Foster animals will repay you for your patience and love by giving back ten times more love of their own. And when they go to their new forever home, your heart will swell with joy. What could possibly be more gratifying than to save a life and create a "happy ever after" ending?
  • It's a great way to meet new people who care about animals.
  • Fostering can also provide certain special needs animals with individual attention they may require.
  • If you're not in a position to adopt an animal now, fostering is a great way to see if you are ready for the life-long commitment involved with pet ownership.

kittens-imageKitten Fostering

During kitten season (early Spring through late Fall), the shelter is overloaded with little ones in need of care. Many are without mothers and are not yet eating on their own. These adorable babies would not make it if it weren't for our foster families. We are always in need of more families to help! If you are interested, please call us at 925-608-8414 or send an email. We provide all the training, food, and medical care. You provide the love!

Dog and Adult Cat Fostering

We are revamping our foster program and new information will be available soon!

Foster Program Materials

The Guide for Dog Foster Homes (PDF) will provide you with everything from care requirements to showcasing your foster.