Rodeo Downtown Infrastructure

Project Information

Project Number:  0662-6R4125 

Project Description: This project will install concrete sidewalks and ADA-compliant curb ramps in various locations along Pacific Avenue and Investment Street in the unincorporated community of Rodeo. This includes a new ADA ramp at the Rodeo Creek Trail entrance on Investment Street as well as reconfiguration of the Pacific Avenue/Rodeo Avenue/2nd Street Intersection. Wayfinding signs will also be installed to direct visitors and residents around town and identify destinations and landmarks.

General Location: Pacific Avenue and Investment Street (from San Pablo Avenue to Parker Avenue and from Parker Avenue to the end of Investment Street-at Rodeo Creek Trail) 
Supervisory District: V
Location: Rodeo
Contractor: Kerex Engineering, Inc.
Field Engineer: Eric Sanders Phone: (925)595-5992
Start Date: May 26, 2020
Funding Source: Former RDA and Local Road Funds 
Working Days: 60
End Construction:  Fall 2020

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