Marsh Creek Road Traffic Safety Improvements

Project Information

Project Number:  0662-6R4012 
Federal Number: HSIP-5928 (130)

Project Description: The project will install safety improvements along a 14 mile stretch of Marsh Creek Road between the cities of Brentwood and Clayton. Centerline rumble strips/stripes will be installed to replace the existing double yellow centerline. At the intersection of Deer Valley Road and Marsh Creek Road, street lighting and advance flashers at the intersection will assist drivers to anticipate the intersection in day and night conditions. IN addition, existing regulatory and warning signs will be replaced with higher fluorescent sheeting for improved reflectivity/visibility along the winding rural roadway.  

General Location: Marsh Creek Road (unincorporated CCC portion) from Clayton city limits to Brentwood city limits
Supervisory District: District III and IV
Location: Marsh Creek Road, Clayton
Contract Cost (Est.): $912,000
Project Manager: Adelina Huerta 
Bid Due Date: March 19, 2019 
Funding Source: HSIP Grant and East County AOB
Working Days: 35
Construction Date: Summer 2019 

DBE Program: This project is partially funded by federal funds from U.S. Department of Transportation. The prospective bidders are required to comply with 49 Code of Regulations (CFR) Part 26. The prospective bidders must meet the project-specific Underutilized Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (UDBE) goal or document the Good Faith Effort (GFE) process. It is important to note that to comply with the County DBE program's Good Faith Effort, the bidders must take certain actions a minimum of 15 days prior to bid opening.

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