Contra Costa County is dedicated to making our communities cleaner and healthier for families, children, and future generations. The County sponsors programs that save money for residents and businesses, improve health and safety, and create jobs for the people who call Contra Costa County home.

Read our latest Sustainability Newsletter (link) to learn more about the County’s work on environmental sustainability.

Help Update the County’s Climate Action Plan

Contra Costa County is updating its Climate Action Plan, which outlines the actions the County will take to address our changing climate. The public review draft of the 2024 Climate Action Plan Update is now available on the Envision Contra Costa 2040 website

We had originally set a comment period end date of January 31, 2024. However, this comment period is being extended to align with the comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which assesses the potential impacts on the environment that could result from adopting and implementing the 2045 General Plan and 2024 CAP. The comment period for the Draft Climate Action Plan 2024 Update has been extended to Monday, April 8, 2024 at 5:00 pm

In the meantime, we'll be focusing our work in a few key areas. Learn more by reading our Interim Climate Action Work Plan for 2023-2024 (PDF). 

We held several meetings in September and October, 2019 to learn about community goals and strategies to reduce pollution emissions in our County and be more resilient. Visit the Envision Contra Costa 2040 webpage to find presentations, information for the Climate Action Plan update, and to submit your ideas.

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Our Work on Climate Issues

Please explore the pages below to learn more about how we are working to build a cleaner Contra Costa!

Climate Action Plan (CAP)
Livable Communities
Energy and Water
Planning for our Future
Waste Reduction
Leading by Example
Engage with the County
Sustainability Resources