Commuter Benefit Program

For Ferry, Train, Bus and Work Related Parking Expenses

If you are a Full-Time or Part-Time (over 20 hours per week) employee and a member of AFSCME Local 512, CNA, IFPTE Local 21, PEU Local 1, Teamsters Local 856, SEIU Local 1021 or Unrep Management and have public transportation or parking expenses you can sign up through Navia Benefits Solutions, Inc.

Navia Benefits Solutions, Inc. will administer this benefit, enroll online and choose contribution amounts directly through Navia. A debit card will be issued to allow employee's to make direct purchases with their commuter savings dollars.

Sign up with Navia Benefits

Follow these instructions: GoNavia Sign-up Instructions (PDF)

Overview of Navia plan: Plan overview (PDF) 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of expenses are eligible for the Commuter Benefit?

Work related public transportation expenses such as ferry, train and bus fees, as well as work related parking expenses. This includes parking at public transportation locations.

Will this benefit cover mileage reimbursement or bridge toll fees?

No, only mass transit/public transportation and parking expenses are covered.

Can I change my contribution?

Yes, you can increase or decrease your contribution on a monthly basis through the Navia website. You can also skip months.

Is there a cost to participate in this program?

Yes, each month that an employee chooses to make a contribution, which Navia calls "placing an order", the employee will be charged a $3.00 fee, which will also be processed as a payroll deduction. Even if you make both transit and parking contributions, you will only be charged one $3.00 fee. If you choose to skip a month, the fee will not be charged for that month.

How can I access my Commuter Benefits money?

You can make direct purchases with your debit card, or request reimbursement through the Navia website. Payroll deductions made on the 10th of each month will be available on the debit card as of the 1st of the following month. For example, contributions made on the 8/10/17 pay will be available on the debit card as of 9/1/17.

Is this a "use it or lose it" plan?

No, contributions will roll over into the next calendar year and continue to be available as long as you are employed by Contra Costa County. If you leave County employment, any remaining funds would be forfeited.

What is the maximum monthly contribution?

Under the IRS guidelines, an employee may contribute up to $260 per month for each type of commuter expense – transit and parking.