RainMap Status

September 18, 2017

Many people contact us about issues with our gauges. We don't always realize things aren't working and your help is appreciated as is your interest and feedback on these webpages. Others of you have contacted us to obtain data for various purposes. We want you to know where you can find some of this data online.

The website addresses (URLs) have changed.

The RainMap has a link to the RainTable under More>About us.

The RainTable has a link to the RainMap as "Interactive "Cool Tools" RainMap" at the bottom of the links above the table.

Data - When you click on a point on the map, a small window pops up. This has links to data above the plot. There is a link under the RainMap menu More>Data Tool. This provides info about a spreadsheet you can use to convert the text gauge data to usable date. For more extensive and specialized data requests, you can contact our Hydrology section by calling 925-313-2000.

Phone screen icon - Find out how to put an icon on your phone home page so you can get to the RainMap quickly as if it were a mobile/phone app. Using the RainMap menus, to go More>Phone Screen Icon to view the instructions for Apple and Android devices.

The RainMap provides more information than just rain. You can choose several different datasets including "Water Level" which shows the water level on the the gauges we maintain in Contra Costa County. We've added 10 new stream gauges under a grant from DWR. We should have a couple more on the map before the start of winter. The primary goal of these new stream gauges is to assist in flood warning. We will eventually adjust the readings to correspond to an elevation relative to the flood stage and possibly flood warning and flood watch levels.

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