Performance Reports

Performance Reports

The monthly reports compare operational performance for Animal Services in various areas against our performance from the prior year.

*In December of 2020, CCAS updated our Live Release Rate (LRR) calculation to reflect the Asilomar model. The Asilomar LRR model is based on the calculation (Live Outcomes/Total Outcomes x 100%). The prior CCAS LRR calculation was based on (Total Live Outcomes/Total Live Intakes x 100%). This update was made to reflect the statistical reporting method most commonly used by animal shelters in the United States.  

**In January of 2021, CCAS updated the format of our monthly stats report to a one-page format. Moving forward CCAS will use this new format for monthly statistics reporting, while utilizing the previous format as our annual Year-End Report. 




2020 Year End Report

2019 Year End Report

2018 Year End Report

2017 Year End Report