Interview Process

Qualified applicants will be interviewed by the hiring department.  Any accommodation requests from candidates will be handled in accordance with the County’s ADA policy.

Candidates may utilize an advocate or job coach for the interview process.  The BTS Coordinator will manage communication with the candidate and his or her designated advocate or job coach and the department.

At this stage, the advocate or job coach may serve in one or more of the following ways:

•Provide interview preparation assistance

•Be present and provide “moral” support during the interview process

•Ask for clarification of questions from the panel members

•Re-state interview questions(s) to better assist the applicant in answering

•Prompt the candidate to respond as appropriate and necessary

The BTS candidates, along with their identified advocate or job coach, will be provided with interview questions prior to the interview.  This provides the candidate time to prepare for the interview, working with their job coach or advocate as needed.

Departments will select a qualified candidate and advise the BTS Coordinator who will assist the departmental Personnel Officer in notifying candidates who were not selected.  Since this is a project position specifically created for the BTS pilot, the department will maintain the opening until a suitable BTS candidate is found.