Evaluation Period

The purpose of the one year on-the-job performance evaluation period is to assess the knowledge, skills and abilities of individuals who have been selected for employment.  Candidates must successfully demonstrate their ability to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without a reasonable accommodation, in order to successfully complete their BTS evaluation.  

Many BTS employees will be working with a job coach through the DOR or a CBO.  The job coach will work directly with the supervisor and the employee, and may also receive assistance from the County ADA Coordinator in Risk Management.

The supervisor is responsible for monitoring the progress of the candidate during the evaluation period.  The supervisor must evaluate the BTS candidate every quarter during the evaluation period. The evaluation will contain the supervisor’s assessment of the candidate’s performance, including skills and abilities as well as behaviors appropriate for the position such as attendance.

Problematic areas should be discussed with the candidate and the job coach who will assist the employee in understanding the nuances of the job and evaluate potential solutions.   Additional training can be provided as well as needed reasonable accommodations for the employee.  Job coaches can also assist departments in communicating with employees if a placement is deemed unsuccessful and will be concluded.