Contra Costa County's Reentry Strategic Plan

The Office of Reentry and Justice (ORJ) worked with the Resource Development Associates (RDA) to lead a strategic planning effort to update the County’s Reentry Strategic Plan that was originally drafted in 2011.  By updating this document, the ORJ developed an array of strategies, activities, and goals that were not only responsive to the many changes in our local justice system that have occurred over the past several years, but that also provided interested stakeholders with a shared vision for the future.  To accomplish this, RDA and the ORJ seeked out input from service providers, business interests, government agencies, justice involved community members and their families, and others interested in local reentry effort to inform the development process for a new Reentry Strategic Plan for the County. RDA also presented the plan’s content to the public for further input prior to submitting a final Reentry Strategic Plan to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors for their endorsement. 

Contra Costa County's 2018-2023 Reentry Strategic Plan can be viewed here.