Unclaimed Property

General Information

Under certain circumstances the County Treasurer may receive unclaimed money from estates of decedents of which have either unknown or unlocated heirs. These monies may be deposited with the County Treasurer pursuant to Probate Code Sections 7663 or 11850, et. seq. and may be claimed pursuant to applicable Probate and/or Government Code Section(s).

Government Code Section 50050, et. seq. provides that certain unclaimed monies, which remain in the treasury or in the custody of the officers of a local agency for three years, become the property of the agency. At the end of the three-year period, those items in excess of $15 must be published as notification that the money will become the property of the agency after a designated date if it is left unclaimed. Items under $15 need not be published.

Escheatment to the general fund occurs if a verified claim is not filed by the designated date 45 days after the date of first publication. After this date, money left unclaimed will become the property of the county and can no longer be claimed. Other unclaimed monies shall be escheated to the State and may be claimed by contacting the State Controller's Office.

More Information

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