Community Outreach & Engagement

Contra Costa County District Attorney Staff Member with Students

The Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office is dedicated to reaching out to community members outside of the courtroom.

We do this by engaging with students, teachers, parents, other law enforcement agencies, and community-based organizations to prevent violence and create safe communities.

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To request a speaker from our office please email us and we will be in contact regarding your event.  

Resources for Parents

Community Academy

The District Attorney’s Office is committed to informing Contra Costa County residents about our office's work in seeking justice for victims of crime. 

To achieve this, we've established the Community Academy—a no-cost, 10-week program designed specifically for adults residing or working in Contra Costa County. This learning opportunity aims to foster stronger community relations and provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of our criminal justice system. This includes understanding how cases are filed, exploring the various types of crimes we investigate and prosecute, and delving into our multifaceted role, which extends beyond prosecuting cases.

In addition to weekly classroom sessions, the Community Academy offers unique experiences, including tours of the Martinez Detention Facility, and Superior Court, and participating in a mock trial. This approach allows participants to gain practical insights into the inner workings of our criminal justice system. 

Interested individuals can apply for the Community Academy by completing an application and undergoing a background check. 

For those seeking further information or have questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected]

Join us in this informative 10-week journey, where you'll not only expand your knowledge but also explore key components of our criminal justice system by hearing from the District Attorney, the Public Defender, a Judge, prosecutors, and police chiefs.

Parent Education and Support

Parent education and support are critical in ensuring the success and safety of our youth. We partner with a variety of agencies and nonprofit organizations to provide resources to parents in our community. Throughout the county, we present at parent meetings on topics including Teen Substance Misuse, Cyber Safety, Firearm Safety, and Bullying. Not only do we provide information, we also connect families with services and resources to address these issues.

Supporting Parents of Chronically Absent Children

In Contra Costa County, our District Attorney's Office partners with the Superior Court, non-profit organizations and our County Mental Health Department to support and educate, not punish, parents of chronically absent children. Through our Parent Truancy Calendar, we compel parents of truant elementary and middle school students to attend court.

At these proceedings, we place great emphasis on the parent's legal obligation to ensure that their young children attend school on a daily basis; however, the primary goal is to provide families and students with the support that they need to be successful. Parents are often asked to attend parenting classes, family counseling, and/or other wrap-around service programs. This holistic approach educates parents about the importance of school attendance for their children's future and addresses the barriers that have led to their children's chronic absenteeism.

Campus Safety and Online Safety for Kids

Our Office is a member of the Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to investigate and prosecute crimes against children. As part of our work with the Task Force, we have an outreach program to promote safe behavior for students. We visit local schools and college campuses to address campus safety, sexual assault awareness and online safety for kids. Our presentations to schools and parents are free. These discussions review tools to prevent campus sexual assaults and online exploitation. Parents, educators, and students attend our presentations throughout Contra Costa County. To learn more or schedule a presentation please call 925-957-8603.

Inspiring Our Teens to Pursue Their Academic Dreams

We are committed to reaching out to our teens and encouraging them to graduate high school and maximize their academic potential. In partnership with the Junior Achievement of Northern California ("JA") organization, we have developed several programs to prepare high school students for their future. At our Reverse Job Shadow Day, we partner with the Public Defender's Office, California Highway Patrol, local police agencies, and fire departments to engage students in a variety of activities that introduce them to career opportunities. We also answer their questions about important topics such as immigration, consequences for driving under the influence, and the legal ramifications of turning 18.

In partnership with JA and the California Attorney General's Office, we also take high school students on a tour of our Richmond Crime Lab and introduce them to a judge presiding over matters at the Richmond Superior Court. Students are then given an opportunity to observe court proceedings and participate in a discussion about the criminal justice system.

Preventing Violence Through Youth Education

Preventing crime, not just prosecuting it, is a top priority for our District Attorney. In partnership with local police agencies, County Probation, and schools throughout the county, we present an anti-violence curriculum to elementary and middle school students. Topics are presented in a series of six consecutive, weekly sessions and address a variety of issues including the effects of Violence on the Community; Gun Violence; Gang Violence; Family and Dating Violence; Cyber Safety; Bullying; and Human Trafficking. The presenters use real-life experiences and role-playing activities to engage students.