Marsh Creek Corridor Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study

Project Description

The proposed Marsh Creek multi‐use trail would create a new major non‐motorized east‐west thoroughfare for expanded commuting or recreational opportunities. It would provide non-motorized access to Downtown Clayton, Diablo View Middle School, Mount Diablo, Round Valley Regional Reserve, and the existing Marsh Creek Trail through Brentwood and Oakley.

The purpose of the path would be to provide a safe, useful and enjoyable transportation corridor for various forms of non‐motorized travel, including pedestrian, equestrian and bicycle users (including serious bicycle enthusiasts), and the trail is proposed to be sized and designed to encourage use by these various sectors. Once this path and adjacent paths are completed, there will be one continuous non‐motorized path from Downtown Concord to Oakley.

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The trail could possibly be located on the opposite side of the creek from the road, immediately adjacent to the road itself or some distance from the creek or the road in constrained areas. Construction of the trail could be performed in conjunction with restoration of Marsh Creek, as anticipated in the East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan ("HCP/NCCP"), and be constructed in a sensitive manner that reflects and respects the scenic, agricultural, and natural resources of the area.

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