2018 Full Trash Capture - N. Richmond and Shore Acres

Project Information

Project Number: 0662-6R4030 

Project Description: The work to be done generally consists of providing and installing full trash capture units for 88 inlets in the North Richmond area and 37 inlets in the Shore Acres area. The North Richmond area requires installation of approximately 63 Connector Pipe Screens, and 85 Automatic Retractable Screens (ARS). The Shore Acres area requires installation of approximately 18 Connector Pipe Screens and 36 Automatic Retractable Screens. Project includes clearing debris from inlets, and preparing a photo inventory. 

General Location: North Richmond and Shore Acres
Supervisory District: I and V
Google Map Link: N. Richmond, Shore Acres
Contractor: United Storm Water
Project Engineer: Eric Sanders
Phone: (925)595-5992
Funding Source: Local Road Funds, Watershed Program SUA funds
Working Days: 70
Construction Date: Winter/Spring 2019

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