AB 109 Capacity Building Program

  1. What is it?
  2. Who can participate?
  3. How to apply?

Program Description

The County seeks to enhance the ability of current and potential partners to deliver appropriate and effective rehabilitative reentry services to the residents of Contra Costa by providing them with free intensive trainings from industry experts, professional consultations, and individualized technical assistance. This capacity building effort is designed to help up to six community based organizations self-assess their current capacity for effective management and programmatic service delivery, translate these assessment results into an action-oriented Capacity Development Plan, and subsequently implement two or more components of this Capacity Development Plan by June 2019.

Each organization selected to participate in the program will receive support in areas that are related to both general organizational development and effective reentry program service delivery. Selected organizations will build organizational capacity through participation in at least two full day group trainings, an ongoing community learning environment, and no less than 20 hours of personalized assistance. Potential areas for organizational development support include:

  • Personnel, Volunteers, and Leadership;
  • Fiscal Management and Sustainability;
  • Planning and Evaluation;
  • Building and Managing External Relations; and
  • Organizational Structure and Operations.

Similarly, participating organizations will have the opportunity to enhance their reentry service delivery abilities by gaining an improved understanding of topics such as:

  • Sector specific Best Practices;
  • Understanding Criminogenic Needs and Recidivism Risk;
  • The Responsivity Principle
  • Effective Use of Electronic Records; or
  • Identifying and Implementing Evidence Based Practices

Understanding that the entire Capacity Development Plan is unlikely to be fully implemented during the term of this program, it is the intent to connect participants in the program to other resources that may further assist with capacity development. Organizations who complete the program will leave with a detailed plan of action that can support their future growth and development.