Season 4

Scams ThumbScams Against Veterans

In this episode we speak with those on the front lines of preventing scammers from taking advantage of the Veteran community.

Final Salute ThumbOur Final Salute: Laying Our Loved Ones to Rest With Honor

Join us as we shed light on The National Cemetery Administration.

VBA ThumbVBA: Good Benefits, Great People

In this episode we sit down with employees from the VBA to discuss their experiences and perspectives, and answer any questions the community may have.

VHA ThumbVHA: Real People, Real Care

Join us as we pull back the curtain and connect you with representatives of the Veterans Health Administration.

VV TBI ThumbTBI - An Invisible Wound

This episode of Veterans' Voices focuses on veterans affected by combat injuries resulting in TBI, and doctors who treat them. Guests include Chris Nowinski, co-founder of the concussion Legacy Foundation.

VV Tribe ThumbDifferent Groups, One Tribe

This episode of Veterans' Voices highlights the collaboration among Veterans Service Organizations including the Wounded Warrior Project, TAPS, and Team Rubicon.  

Who is Today's Veteran?Who is Today's Veteran?

This episode of Veterans' Voices was filmed live from the California Theater in Pittsburg, California. The topic explored the changes over time in the veteran community. The hosts and guest also went over the way Hollywood portrays veterans in the film industry.  

Creative Side of VeteransCreative Side of Veterans

The personal satisfaction that comes from creating a story or work of art can have positive mental health benefits for an individual, especially when surrounded by stressful conditions. "Good soldiers" can also create artistic representations of conflict before, during, and after military service or combat.  

Veterans Treatment CourtMy VA Experience

Viewers and Guest share their experiences with the VA and also how their experiences have changed over time.  

Veterans Treatment CourtVeterans Treatment Court

The Veterans Treatment Court offers treatment and accountability to avoid incarceration for veterans who have difficulty adjusting to life after service. Our hosts and guest explore the subject, and offer insight to the system at a deeper level.  

The Heart of a Youthful SpiritThe Heart of a Youthful Spirit: Growing Wiser in the Veteran Community

Guests talk about what it means to stay young, grow wiser, and live healthy for military veterans. This episode features stories of service and transition, and gain insight to how some veterans have cultivated resilience and appreciation for live as they age.  

Some Gave All ThumbWired Tight: Caffeine Use in the Veteran Community, broadcast July 17th, 2017

Caffeine has an influence that effect veterans in many different ways. This purpose of this episode is to remain objective, include multiple voices and perspectives, and to have a rich dialogue to better understand the influence on returning military veterans.