Felony Investigation


The Felony Investigation Unit is responsible for producing felony court reports and providing Deputy Probation Officer coverage for the felony criminal calendar courts.

Reports include:

  • Bail study and pre-plea fast track investigations
  • Pre-sentence reports
  • Restitution reports on court probation and prison cases
  • Change of plea / 1203.4 PC reports

Court Duties

Woman writing in papers in Court

Felony Investigations provides both a full-time and back-up court officers, whose duties include:

  • Representing the Probation Department.
  • Representing the field deputies in court regarding probation violations.
  • Serving as a resource to the court.
  • Assisting defendants to complete all paperwork for probation, drug registration, post conviction drunk driving programs, sheriff's alternative sentencing programs, 296 PC testing and all other paperwork given by the court.

Change of Plea

A Change of Plea, or 1203.4 PC, dismisses the conviction, for job purposes only. The official criminal record will not change and any felony charges which are reduced or dismissed will be used in any future criminal complaints.

No convictions are removed from the official Department of Justice record.

Eligibility for the 1203.4 PC to be granted includes, but is not limited to:

  • All restitution must be paid in full.
  • Fines and fees are to be paid in full.
  • The grant of probation must have been completed without revocations or arrests.

Contact the Court Collections unit (CCU) to learn of any fines, fees that is to be paid. All payments to the court collections unit, must be made in cash.

Eligibility for the 17 PC, reduce a felony to a misdemeanor, includes the above criteria, in addition to the charge itself, being eligible for reduction to a misdemeanor.

To apply for a Change of Plea, contact the Public Defender's office for assistance.