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Dear Nonprofit Director,

I cordially invite you to join me for the next East Contra Costa Nonprofit Roundtable meetings.

My first meetings identified several priorities. The subject of interest to most nonprofits is fundraising, followed by volunteer, leader, and board development. We continue working to identify common purposes, promote cooperation among groups, and offer opportunities for collaboration.

These informative meetings include advice from local experts in the nonprofit sector.

Panel Discussions

I assemble a few leaders from successful nonprofit organizations for a panel discussion about building a strong nonprofit board, overcoming common obstacles, etc. with Q/A time after.


Representatives from the IRS/Franchise Tax Board for tax-exempt status information and CPAs experienced in nonprofits to review financials. Find out more about nonprofit laws and rules for social media, fundraising, and sales.

To say donors have many choices for their giving is an understatement. More than 1 million charitable organizations are registered with the IRS, and new nonprofits are cropping up constantly.

How is your organization uniquely positioned to carry out its mission? Are you the only nonprofit in your area that offers a certain program? Are you part of a regional or national organization with a proven track record? Do you offer a special level of expertise?

Understand and be able to communicate succinctly what makes your nonprofit stand out in the sea of organizations performing similar services.

Learn to tell donors and grantmakers what makes your organization different in your elevator speech, on your home page, in collateral you pass out during conferences, and especially in your fundraising efforts.

Time is reserved for several "Elevator speech" presentations during each meeting. If you are ready to present to the group, please send an email.

All local nonprofits (any cause) are encouraged to participate and explore fundraising and volunteer options. The roundtable is intended for groups based in or serving East Contra Costa County and will continue to meet quarterly.

Please join me for the next:

East Contra Costa Nonprofit Roundtable 

Tentatively scheduled for 
March 31, 2022

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For specific files from Roundtable meetings, 
please send an email to [email protected]