Contra Costa County Local Streets and Roads Preservation

Project Information

Project No.: 0662-6R4138
Federal No.: STPL-5928(148)
Project Description: The work to be done generally consists of rehabilitation and preservation of roadway on three County Roads. Pavement grinding and inlay will be done starting on El Portal at the Richmond City Limit and continuing onto San Pablo Dam Road until the Richmond City Limit is reached near San Pablo Dam Reservoir. Vasco Road is to have a micro-surface treatment of the travel lanes and a fog seal of the shoulders. Additionally, there will be pavement failure and base failure repair, replacement of pavement striping and pavement markings, replacement of traffic signal loops, and construction of curb ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

General Location: El Sobrante, Brentwood
Supervisory District: 1 & 3
Location: El Sobrante and Brentwood
Contractor: Bay Cities Paving and Grading Inc.
Project Engineer: Mike Hagerty
Phone: (408) 332-7331
Start Construction Date: August 2019
Estimated Completion Date: Fall 2019
Funding Source: 75% OBAG-LSRF Grant, 25% Gas Tax (SB1)

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