Probation Administration

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Esa Ehmen-Krause

Chief Probation Officer

(925) 313-4188

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Melvin Russell

Assistant Chief Probation Officer

(925) 313-4149

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  • Responsible for day-to-day administration of all Department programs and operations
  • Assumes all Department responsibilities and duties in the absence of the Chief

Michael Newton

Assistant Chief Probation Officer

(925) 957-5381

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  • Responsible for Juvenile Hall administration operations
  • Development, oversight and administration of Staff Development and Professional Services

Sarah Shkidt

Chief of Administrative Services

(925) 313-4195

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  • Financial Administration
  • Contract Administration
  • Purchasing

Deborah Caldwell

Executive Secretary

(925) 313-4188

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  • Executive Secretary to the Chief
  • Payroll and Personnel

Patrice Guillory

Office of Reentry & Justice Director

(925) 313-4087

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  • Research and program evaluation
  • Interagency Collaborations & Partner Engagement
  • Program administration for reentry and realignment contracts and activities

Denise Zabkiewicz

Office of Reentry & Justice Manager

(925) 313-4091

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  • Conducts research and data analyses to support the policies, processes, and programs of the department
  • Advances data-driven decision making, transparency and racial equity through analyses, reports, and data dashboards
  • Identifies and develops responses to funding opportunities
  • Develops and advises on data sharing agreements with internal and external partners
  • Collaborates with external University-based entities and 3rd parties on projects that advance the justice related knowledge base




Ed Randle

Probation Director

(925) 313-4199

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  • Day to day administration of services at field offices (Martinez, Antioch, and Richmond)
  • Administration includes Juvenile and Criminal Court matters, investigation and report preparation, case management and supervision of individuals in the community

Kiki Farris

Probation Director

(925) 313-4196

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  • Day to day administration of countywide specialty field services
  • Administration includes Juvenile and Criminal Court matters, including investigation and report preparation, Juvenile prevention efforts, foster care, and supervision of individuals participating in Pretrial Services
  • JJCC Prevention, Intervention and Community Outreach Subcommittee
  • RJOB Community Engagement and Funding Subcommittee

AJ Lawrence

Probation Manager

(925) 313-4036

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  • Adult Felony Investigations
  • Pretrial Services
  • Community Outreach

Kevin Schrupp

Probation Manager

(925) 313-4158

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  • Juvenile Investigations
  • Juvenile Placement
  • Foster Care Prevention

Robbyn-Nicole Livingston

Probation Manager

(510) 942-3430

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  • Richmond Field Office Operations
  • West and Central County Adult Supervision
  • West and Central County Juvenile Supervision
  • West and Central County TAY
  • West and Central County Gender Responsive Supervision
  • Countywide Auto Theft Supervision
  • Countywide Veteran’s Court
  • Countywide Mental Health Diversion Court
  • 1203.9 PC Adult Jurisdictional Transfer
  • JJCC Data and Services Subcommittee

Tina Reyes

Probation Manager

(925) 431-1695

Email Tina Reyes

  • Antioch Field Office Operations
  • East County Adult and Juvenile Supervision
  • East County TAY Supervision
  • Adult Domestic Violence (DV) and DUI Supervision
  • High Risk DV Taskforce
  • Evidence Based Practices (EBP) liaison for Field Services

Yuri Secoquian

Probation Manager

(925) 313-4036

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  • Central County Adult Supervision
  • Pretrial Services
  • AB109/PRCS Supervision
  • Risk Assessment Administrator
  • Administration of Thinking for a Change – field services






Malkia Crowder

Probation Director

(925) 957-2710

Email Malkia Crowder

  • Day-to-day administration of all facility programs and operations.
  • Development and implementation of policy and procedure
  • Staff training
  • Administration of compliance with Title 15 and Title 24 regulations
  • Juvenile Hall Auxiliary Board Member
  • Facility tours and presentations

Kira Faulkner

Probation Manager

(925) 957-2711

Email Kira Faulkner

  • In the absence of the Director, day to day administration of all facility programs and operations
  • Facility Operations
  • PREA Coordinator
  • Juvenile Hall ADA Coordinator
  • Juvenile Intake and Home Supervision

Tamara Gusman-Taylor

Probation Manager 

(925) 957-2712

Email Tamara Gusman-Taylor

  • In the absence of the Director, day to day administration of all facility programs and operations
  • Personnel
  • Briones Youth Academy Treatment Program – Juvenile Hall and Community
  • Girls In Motion Treatment Program
  • Evidence based practices implementation and programming at Juvenile Hall
  • Behavior Management System
  • Administration of Core Correctional Practices, Cognitive Behavioral Interventions – Substance Abuse, Aggression Replacement Training and Thinking for a Change at Juvenile Hall






Jeff Waters

Probation Director

(925) 957-5386

Email Jeff Waters

  • Department Personnel Manager
  • CLETS Coordinator
  • Custodian of Records
  • Department Safety Coordinator
  • Combined Charities Coordinator
  • Recruitment and Retention

Krista Knapp

Probation Director

(925) 957-5382

Email Krista Knapp

  • Development, oversight, and administration of Bureau activities in Staff Development
  • Training
  • Policy

Dan Huovinen

Probation Manager

(925) 957-5378

Email Dan Huovinen

  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Collaborate with Field Services and Institution
  • Special Projects/Committees
  • Evidence Based Practices
  • Training
  • Programming 
  • Fidelity

Genny Maloney

Probation Manager

(925) 957-5383

Email Genny Maloney

  • Training
  • Legislative Analysis
  • Special Projects


Israel Carrero

Probation Manager

(925) 957-5377

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  • Recruitment 
  • Safety Committee Chair
  • Protected Leave Coordinator
  • Hiring Manager