This project is funded in part by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Proposition 1 Watershed Restoration Grant Program and the US EPA's San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund. 

Additional implementation funding comes from:

  • San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife Wetlands Restoration for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program
  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  • National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program
  • Wildlife Conservation Board
  • Department of Water Resources (via the Integrated Regional Water Management Program)

The project also benefits from continued partnership with John Muir Land Trust and the East Bay Regional Park District

The Pacheco Marsh portion benefited from the acquisition and donation by Marathon Petroleum Company of an 18 acre parcel that greatly expanded restoration and recreation opportunities. 

Lower Walnut Creek Restoration was fortunate to participate in SFEI's Flood Control 2.0, which was funded by an earlier round of the US EPA's San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund.

We thank our funders and partners for their continued support.

Flood Control 2.0

SFEI's Flood Control 2.0 aims to accomplish improved sediment transport through flood control channels, improved flood conveyance, and the restoration and improvement of resilient habitats in the bay area. The effort is centered around promoting sustainable solutions for habitat improvement and creating a cooperative network of interagency ecological resilience projects and resources.

By providing critical information to flood control and restoration projects, Flood Control 2.0 serves as a progressive resource for long-term, multi-benefit project planning.

The Lower Walnut Creek Restoration project is pleased to have been chosen as a Flood Control 2.0 implementation project, and has benefited from the program's resiliency assessment and vision planning process.

One of the primary outcomes of the Flood Control District's Flood Control 2.0 collaboration was the 2016 Resilient Landscape Vision report (PDF). For more information on Flood Control 2.0, refer to SFEI's Flood Control 2.0 webpage.

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