Contra Costa County Countywide Oversight Board

Agenda (PDF)Overview

The California state legislature enacted Assembly Bill x1 26 to dissolve redevelopment agencies formed under the Community Redevelopment Law (Health and Safety Code Section 33000 et seq.); and on February 1, 2012, the redevelopment agencies in 17 jurisdictions in Contra Costa County were dissolved. Each of these jurisdictions declared that they would act as successor agency for their dissolved Redevelopment Agencies. Oversight Boards for each of these 17 Successor Agencies were established in accordance with the Dissolution Act.

Effective July 1, 2018, 17 Oversight Boards expired and only one oversight board in Contra Costa County was established. The purpose of this County Oversight Board is to oversee all redevelopment successor agencies in the County. The new oversight board is staffed by the Contra Costa County Department of Conservation (DCD). The Countywide oversight board is appointed as follows: 

  1. One member may be appointed by the county board of supervisors.
  2. One member may be appointed by the city selection committee established pursuant to Section 50270 of the Government Code.
  3. One member may be appointed by the independent special district selection committee established pursuant to Section 56332 of the Government Code, for the types of special districts that are eligible to receive property tax revenues pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 34188. 
  4. One member may be appointed by the county superintendent of education to represent schools if the superintendent is elected. If the county superintendent of education is appointed, then the appointment made pursuant to this paragraph shall be made by the county board of education. 
  5. One member may be appointed by the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges to represent community college districts in the county.
  6. One member of the public may be appointed by the county board of supervisors.
  7. One member may be appointed by the recognized employee organization representing the largest number of successor agency employees in the county.

The current Board Members and Alternates include:

SeatCategoryBoard Member
1Board of SupervisorsFederal GloverSupervisor District 5
2Mayors Conference
Mayors Conference-Alternate
Rita Xavier
Laura Hoffmeister
San Pablo City Council
Concord City Council
3Special DistrictsSusan MorganIHSD
4Superintendent of SchoolsJohn HildCCC Office of Education
5Community College DistrictVicki GordonCCCCD Board Member
6Public Member
Public Member-Alternate
Jack Weir
William Swenson

7Former Employee (Local 21)Gabriel LemusCCC DCD Principal Planner

Countywide Oversight Board Bylaws (PDF) 

Meeting Information

Meeting DateAgendaPacket
September 24, 2018Agenda (PDF)Full Packet (PDF)
December 5, 2018Agenda (PDF)Full Packet (PDF)
January 28, 2019Agenda (PDF)Full Packet (PDF)
September 23, 2019        Agenda (PDF)Full Packet (PDF)
January 27, 2020Full Packet (PDF)
September 29, 2020
Full Packet (PDF)
November 9, 2020                          Agenda (PDF)           Full Packet (PDF)

Approved Resolutions

Resolution Number 2018-1 (Amended ROPS 18-19 Pleasant Hill)(PDF)

Resolution Number 2018-2 (Last and Final ROPS-San Pablo)(PDF)

Resolution Number 2018-3 (contract - Richmond) (PDF)

01-28-19 Minutes and Approved Resolutions         

09-23-19 Minutes and Approved Resolutions

01-27-20 Minutes and Approved Resolutions

09-28-20 Minutes and Approved Resolutions

11-09-20 Minutes and Approved Resolution


California Department of Finance

Successor Agencies

City of Antioch Successor Agency
City of Brentwood Successor Agency
City of Clayton Successor Agency
City of Concord Successor Agency
Town of Danville Successor Agency
City of El Cerrito Successor Agency
City of Hercules Successor Agency
City of Lafayette Successor Agency
City of Oakley Successor Agency
City of Pinole Successor Agency
City of Pittsburg Successor Agency
City of Pleasant Hill Successor Agency
City of Richmond Successor Agency
City of San Pablo Successor Agency
City of San Ramon Successor Agency
City of Walnut Creek Successor Agency
Contra Costa County (Unincorporated) Successor Agency