A vacation is an abandonment of the public rights in either a roadway or a public service easement. The vacation itself does not transfer ownership of property. In some instances, purchase of the area may be necessary. For the vacation process, please follow the Vacation Application Instruction Sheet (PDF).

  • The preliminary request must be in writing, accompanied by a map of the area to be vacated, and submitted to:

Jessica L. Dillingham, Principal Real Property Agent                                                                                                       Contra Costa County Public Works Department
Real Estate Division
40 Muir Road, 2nd Floor
Martinez, CA 94553

An initial evaluation will be conducted and the applicant notified as to the acceptability of the request.

  • If acceptable, an application (PDF) shall be submitted, accompanied by an initial deposit of $3,600 for each area to be vacated (checks payable to CONTRA COSTA COUNTY) to defray the costs of processing.
  • The Public Works Department will:
  1. Coordinate the processing of the application
  2. Check or prepare the vacation map and description
  3. Notify utilities and other interested parties as appropriate
  4. Arrange for a review for compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act and with the General Plan through the appropriate Planning Agency
  5. Arrange for Planning Commission hearings as required
  6. Schedule a public hearing by the Board of Supervisors
  7. Arrange to publish or post notices when required by law
  • After final action by the Board of Supervisors, expenses incurred in the processing of the application will be reported to the Finance Division of the Public Works Department.
  • The applicant will be notified of the decisions of the County. If there is a difference between the deposit and the charges, the applicant will be billed for the costs that exceed the deposit; or, refunded the amount the deposit exceeds the costs.
  • Processing can take two to six months to complete, depending on the complexity of the vacation requested. Applicant should be aware that vacations eliminate most public rights but do not transfer ownership of property. In some instances purchase of the area may also be necessary. The Real Estate Division may be contacted at 925-957-2467 for additional details.