Transportation Engineering

The Transportation Engineering Division, which is composed of Transportation Engineering Planning Section and the Traffic Engineering section, is responsible for the County's road network.

The Transportation Engineering Section provides the following services

  • Develops and implements capital improvements, maintenance projects, bicycle and pedestrian projects, and neighborhood traffic management plans
  • Advanced planning for our transportation system
  • Develops long-term strategic plans to implement the circulation element of the County General Plan
  • Develops and updates the seven year Capital Road Improvement and Preservation Program (CRIPP)
  • Aggressively seeks funding opportunities to support our activities (e.g., traffic mitigation fee program, grant program)
  • Works with Engineering Services and Community Development to review and comment on development projects' impacts to the County's road network
  • Works with the Board of Supervisors, community and other jurisdictions to resolve transportation/traffic concerns
  • Coordinates with state, regional, and other local governments on major roadway projects important to the region (e.g. State Route 4 Bypass)

The Traffic Engineering Section provides the following services

  • Responsible for traffic control devices on over 600 miles of County roadway.
  • Reviews plans for construction projects proposed in the County, specifically related to Traffic Engineering. These would include Traffic Signal Plans, Signing and Striping Plans, Traffic Staging Plans, and Traffic Control Plans.
  • Coordinates with California Highway Patrol and other Law Enforcement Agencies in regards to traffic enforcement on County Roadways.
  • Responds to residents regarding traffic complaints and concerns.
  • Investigates collision reports on County roads and identify locations with recurring or high collision rates.
  • Conducts Engineering and Traffic Surveys on major roadways to establish speed limits.
  • Ensures necessary signing, striping, and pavement markings are in place on County roadways.
  • Deploys the Speed Radar Trailer at targeted locations to remind motorists of their speeds.
  • Collects Speed and Volume Counts on County Roads.