Intake Unit

Out of Custody Intake

This refers to minors who receive referrals from law enforcement agencies regarding delinquent behavior, but who are 'cite released' or arrested and subsequently released to their parent or responsible adult. The law enforcement agency sends a copy of the citation to the Probation Department where a Probation Officer will be assigned the case and make a decision if it is a mandatory referral that must go to the District Attorney, should it be transferred to another jurisdiction, should the minor be placed on informal probation or should the matter be closed.

In Custody Intake

Our Intake Unit books over 1,000 minors into our Juvenile Hall during the year for more serious offenses such as those defined by Section 602 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. The minor is admonished and interviewed and an assessment is made to determine if the minor can be released to the parent or guardian, or if he/she can be supervised on Home Supervision or if he/she is to be detained.

The cases may be handled informally or referred to the District Attorney's Office for a petition to be filed and brought before the Juvenile Court.