Report a Deceased Animal

Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS) provides deceased animal impound services for residents of Contra Costa County (excluding the City of Antioch). To report a deceased animal for impound, please select the form below that best applies. 

Please note: Deceased animal impound services for animals on private property will be provided for a fee based on the type and weight of the animal.

We prioritize all of our Field Service calls based on public safety. Deceased animal reports will be handled as quickly as possible, though it may take up to three days for removal. Please note that CCAS will not perform deceased animal pickups in areas that pose a safety risk to our staff. These areas include crawl spaces, attics, cliffs, condemned buildings, creek beds, hillsides and other unsafe locations.

*For deceased animals on the highway, please contact Caltrans.

 Submit a Deceased Animal Report