Buchanan Field Airport Runway 14L-32R Rehabilitation

Project Information

Project No.: 4855-4661-SAS-6X5324
Federal (FAA)No.: 3-06-0050-025-2019

Project Description: The work to be done generally consists of rehabilitating asphalt concrete pavement, full width, on Runway 14L-32R, with the exception of the Runway 1L-19R intersection. Work includes but is not limited to Cold milling, Crack repair, Full depth asphalt and PCC pavement removal, Earthwork/Grading, Asphalt surface course, P-401, Application of asphalt surface treatment, P-608, Runway grooving, Application of new pavement markings, P-620, Taxiway lighting and signage modifications

Bid Alternative #1 scope of work consists of the removal and replacement of the Runway 14L-32R Medium Intensity Runway Lighting System including but not limited to new conduit, base cans, pullboxes, cable, and LED fixtures. This bid alt includes modifications to existing runway exit and distance remaining signs and a new constant current regulator.

Bid Alternative #2 scope of work consists of Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) joint, crack, and spall repairs and replacement of the pavement markings within the PCC runway ends on Runway 14L-32R and 1L-19R.

General Location: Concord
Supervisory District: IV
Location: Buchanan Field Airport
Contract Cost (Est.): 
Base Bid: $3,575,000, Bid 
Alternative No. 1: $750,000
Bid Alternative No. 2: $463,000
Project Manager: Adelina Huerta
Bid Due Date: June 25, 2019
Working Days: 
Base Bid: 50
Bid Alternative No. 1: additional 10 days
Bid Alternative No. 2: additional 12 days
Construction Date: Summer 2019
Funding Source: 90% Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) , 5.5% Airport Enterprise Fund, 4.5% Caltrans

DBE Program: This is a federal aid contract funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) contract goal is 7.0%. You must meet this DBE goal and/or provide adequate Good Faith Effort documentation as outlined in these special provisions. To comply with the County DBE Program’s Good Faith Effort, the bidder must take certain actions a minimum of fifteen (15) days prior to bid opening.

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