Jersey Island Road Bridge Repair

Project Information

Project No.: 0662-6U4134 

Project Description: Jersey Island Road Bridge Repair: The work to be done generally consists of replacing the deteriorated and missing portions of the longitudinal and transverse timber cross bracing members and cleaning and painting existing steel piers and installing fiberglass jackets on timber piles at Jersey Island Road Bridge in the Oakley Area

  • General Location: Oakley 
  • Supervisory District: #3
  • Location:  Jersey Island Road, Oakley
  • Contractor: Vortex Marine Construction, Inc.
  • Project Manager: Jenna Caldwell
  • Phone: (925)313-2020
  • Funding Source: Local
  • Est Starting Date: August 12, 2019
  • Est Completion Date: Mid-October 2019

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