Beekeeper Registration

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Every person that owns or is in possession of an apiary located in California shall register the number of colonies and the location of each apiary with their local Agricultural Commissioner’s Office as specified in the Food and Agriculture Code (FAC), sections 29040 and 29043). Regulation requires that registration be completed on the first day of January of each year in which they maintain, possess, or are in possession of an apiary. New beekeepers can register at any time during the year within 30 days of possessing an apiary.

Registration forms and fees

You can complete and submit an apiary registration form (PDF) by mail, fax or in person. Currently, a ten dollar registration fee is collected for beekeepers who possess, maintain or manage 10 or more colonies*.

Electronic registration

BeeWhere logo for programInformation obtained from paper registrations are inputted into the state-wide BeeWhere database. BeeWhere allows beekeepers to register electronically. Registration is complete once you have plotted your colony locations on the BeeWhere mapping feature and paid the registration fee (if applicable). For help with e-registration, please contact our department. 

*Our office does not accept credit or debit card payments or any other forms of e-payments. Please visit our office to pay by cash or check, or submit your registration and check by mail.

Movement of bees

Beekeepers are required to notify our department when bees are moved within the county, between counties, or out of state. Notification must be provided within 72 hours by telephone or electronically using the BeeWhere Program.


Contra Costa County Apiary Registration Form (PDF)


Bees in the Neighborhood: Best Practices for Urban Beekeepers (PDF)

California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) pollinator protection

California Code of Regulations (CCR) enacted for the protection of bees

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