Food and Restaurants

Research various permitting requirements associated with establishing different types of Food and Restaurant Facilities including restaurants (includes cafes and coffee shops),farmers' markets, mobile food facilities, cottage food operations, and catering businesses. 

Resources for all Food Businesses

Food and Restaurants
  1. Restaurants
  2. Farmer's Markets
  3. Mobile Food
  4. Cottage Food Operations
  5. Catering

Permits by Department for all Restaurants

DepartmentRequirementsWebsiteNeeds beforeResources
Conservation and Development Planning ApplicationLocation must meet be allowed in the zoning codePlanning and Zoning InformationApplying for Building Permits
Applying for Business Licensing
Find your zoning online map
City Planing Department (PDF)
Conservation and Development
Building Permits
Building must meet health and safety requirementsBuilding Permit InformationOpening
Environmental Health Ensure facility meets public health standardsOpeningPlan Review Process
Public WorksRequired if sidewalk or other public right of way will be used for seating or other uses. Encroachment Permit InformationOperating in the sidewalk or other public right of way

Required to create Outdoor or Parklet seating in public right of way or parking areaPlanning Applications Operating Parklet seatingApplication (PDF)
Application Checklist (PDF)
Parklet Guide (PDF)
Business LicenseRequired to operate a BusinessBusiness License InformationOpening
Agriculture/Weights and Measurement Required oversight if you will be selling anything by weight or if you have a price look up system, 

Additional Considerations

Will you serve alcohol?

If so, you will need to comply with the following:

Is this a take out food establishment? 

Will your restaurant have a charbroiler? 

If so, you will need to comply with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) Commercial Cooking Operation Registration.

Does your business store Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Nitrogen (N2) as a liquid or 1000 cubic feet (or more) as a gas?

If so, a Hazardous Materials CUPA Permit is required within 30 days. Apply online, or call 925-655-3200 for more information.