Grower and Production Agriculture Resources


If you are a farm labor contractor (FLC) or Pest Control Advisor (PCA) working in Contra Costa County, you are required to register every year before you begin work. The fees for these registrations can be found on our agricultural fee schedule.

Pesticide use permits

California requires permits for restricted materials so that the local Agricultural Commissioner can assess, in advance, the potential effects of the proposed application on health and the environment. If you have questions about obtaining a site-specific permit for restricted materials, please contact us at 925-608-6600.


Registration forms

Farm Labor Contractor registration form (PDF)

Pest Control Advisor registration form (PDF)

Business record and worker safety forms

Annual pesticide training record for applicators (PDF)

Annual pesticide training record for fieldworkers (PDF)

Application Specific Information Display- bilingual version (PDF)

Authorized representative form for Operator IDs and restricted materials permits (PDF)

Pesticide safety training program (PDF)

Programa de capacitación escrito del empleador para el manipulador/Pesticide safety training program (PDF)

Registro de capacitación para los trabajadores del campo/Annual Spanish training record for fieldworkers (PDF) 

Registro de entrenamiento de seguridad para el uso de plaguicidas anual para aplicadores/Annual Spanish training record for applicators (PDF)

Respiratory protection program- full version including definitions and information on fit testing and medical evaluations

Respiratory protection program-shortened version created by Kern County (PDF) 

Restricted material permitting information

Voluntary use posting for respirators (PDF)


California Department of Pesticide Regulations (DPR)

DPR pesticide safety information series (agricultural and non-agricultural)

DPR respirator program information

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) respirator Small Entity Compliance Guide (PDF)

Restricted Materials Use Requirements

US Environmental Protection Agency endangered species information