Green Waste

What is green waste?

Green Waste is unprocessed or processed vegetative material that contains any of the following or a mixture of: 

  • stems,
  • leaves,
  • culls,
  • discarded fruits and vegetables,
  • grass clippings,
  • weeds,
  • yard trimmings,
  • wood,
  • vines,
  • hulls,
  • bark,
  • branches,
  • logs and stumps,
  • home garden/field/vineyard/grove/orchard residues,
  • duff, mulch,
  • and other miscellaneous plant materials.

Green waste also includes compost, unless the material is composted in accordance with CalRecycle’s requirements for composting, which ensures complete pathogen kill and eliminates pest risk. 

Green Waste Program

Invasive and destructive pests can persist in green waste. For this reason, movement of this vegetative material may be restricted. California's Green Waste Program allows material that would otherwise be held under quarantine to be moved when steps are taken to mitigate the likelihood of pest dissemination.

Green Waste Compliance Agreement and Exhibits

The state has established a system that allows operators to move quarantined green waste. If you are planning to deal in green waste you need to sign a compliance agreement along with the corresponding exhibits. Each agreement breaks down the requirements needed to move green waste while mitigating the possibility of dissemination of destructive pests.