Season 5

County Veterans Service Offices

Join us as hear from several County Veterans Service Officers about updates and changes to Veterans Affairs policies at the 2019 Veterans Service Office conference. 

Pride In Service

Join us on this episode of Veterans' Voices as we have a heart-centered conversation about the experiences of those who serve.

Women in Combat

It's time to rethink the term “Veteran”, and recognize the vital role that women play in the military. Hear about the experiences and perspectives of women who served in combat environments.

National Guard and Reserves

Learn about National Guard and Reserves and the jobs and experiences of those that navigate life with one foot in the military and another in the civilian world.

Elder Abuse Among Veterans

Join us as we dive into the importance of having safe supportive environments for the senior Veteran population. Hear stories from those who have dealt with elder abuse and potential solutions.

A Taste of Home Overseas

Takes a look at the organizations like Red Cross, USO, and other Special Services Clubs that provided entertainment and events during tours of service.

Stellate Ganglion Block: A Second Shot

We take a deeper look at the procedure that helps treat PTSD, and talk with some of the pioneering doctors who founded it.

Anger in the Veteran Community

Join us as we discuss how we as Veterans can improve our sense of flexibility and control, reduce anger, and improve relationships.

Stellate Ganglion Block  

Join us as we learn about Stellate Ganglion Block, a new procedure being used to treat Veterans with PTSD.

Equine Therapy in the Vet Community  

Learn about how horses have helped local veterans heal, and what equine therapy includes.

Opioids in the Veteran Community  

Join us as we have a conversation with VA doctors and Veterans about opioids in our veteran community.

Cannabis in the Veteran Community  

What are the risks and benefits of using cannabis and how can it affect the psychological health of Veterans?  Join us as we explore this and much more.