Reentry Service Providers

West County Reentry Success Center

Working with a community of service providers, the Reentry Success Center provides free, integrated, and effective services to individuals and families impacted by incarceration in one welcoming hub in Richmond. The Reentry Success Center’s welcoming hub offers employment assistance, housing assistance, legal services, family services, financial planning and assistance, education & training, health & wellness, and public benefits (such as Medi-Cal and CalFresh) services.

Service provider:  Reentry Success Center | 510-679-2122 | website

East and Central County Reentry Network

The Network functions as a service-delivery infrastructure offering reentry services to local county residents returning home from state prison and County Jails through a partnership between the county’s Probation Department, community and faith-based organizations, the Reentry Success Center in Richmond, local law enforcement, volunteers and other county agencies. The Network is dedicated to providing integrated, whole-person care designed to optimize successful outcomes and to reduce recidivism. Core services include Transitional Housing, Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health linkages, Peer Mentoring, System Navigation, Educational Opportunities, Vocational Preparation and Placement, Family Reunification and Legal Aid. More information or need a referral: Main office number 925-732-1374

Network Management service provider:  HealthRIGHT360 | 925-732-1374 | website


Transitional housing services include safe and secure housing accommodations with three meals per day; housing placement assistance; assistance with social services; referrals to other providers; enrollment in online GED and college courses; mentorship; skills training in anger management, attitude adjustment and communication; and transition planning.

Service providers: 

LAO Family Community Development, Inc. | 510-533-8850 | website


Liaisons conduct workshops introducing pre- and post-release participants to employment and educational opportunities and assist with obtaining the paperwork required for applying. Services also include assessment of job readiness, career coaching, educational and vocational training, interview and resume preparation, transitional employment, job search and placement assistance, and career development.

Service provider:  Rubicon Programs, Inc. | 510-235-1516 | website


Group and peer mentoring services are provided to returning citizens. Programs are designed to help participants build pro-social networks and engage in positive behaviors that have each been shown to substantially reduce recidivism risk.

Service provider:  Men and Women of Purpose | 510-768-8004 | website

Family Reunification

Family reunification services are provided to returning citizens, their families, friends and community. Workshops engage participants in resolving conflict, promoting healthy interaction and rebuilding relationships.

Service provider:  Centerforce | 510-834-3457 | website

Legal Services

Legal services are available to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals, including a post-release check-up to identify barriers requiring legal interventions, and other matters such as re-claiming forfeited property and criminal record employment discrimination.

Service provider: Bay Area Legal Aid | 510-663-4755 | website

If you’d like more information or need a referral to any of the above reentry service providers, please call 415-300-5983.