Del Hombre Apartments

Project Overview

The Del Hombre Apartment project is a proposed 284-unit six-story podium apartment community on a 2.37-acre site located in central Contra Costa County and adjacent to the Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Station in unincorporated Walnut Creek. 

The project will require approval of a General Plan Amendment from Multiple-Family Residential-Very High Density (MV) to Multiple-Family Residential-Very High Special Density (MS), a rezoning of the property from Single-Family Residential (R-15) and Planned Unit District (P-1) to Planned Unit District (P-1), a minor subdivision, and a Final Development Plan to allow the construction of the apartments including variances to the lot size for rezoning a less than 5-acre property to P-1 and setback from a public road, and an exception from Title 9 for drainage requirements. 

The project also includes the improvements to roads, demolition of the existing residential buildings, the removal of approximately 161 trees and impacts to approximately 28 additional trees, and grading of approximately 29,000 cubic yards.

County File #GP18-0002, RZ18-3245, MS18-0010, DP18-3031

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  1. Jennifer Cruz

    Principal Planner