Bargaining Update

County employees are represented in 34 bargaining units by 16 labor organizations.  All employee organizations are currently under contract and MOUs with the employee organizations are current and remain in full force and effect.  We are currently negotiating a Remote Work Policy with all labor partners as a coalition and are in planning for California Nurses Association Negotiations.

Labor OrganizationContract
Expiration Date
Total Number
of Employees1
AFSCME Local 512, Professional and Technical Employees6/30/2022234
AFSCME Local 2700, United Clerical, Technical and Specialized Employees6/30/20221,474
California Nurses Association9/30/2021767
Contra Costa County Defenders Association6/30/202295
Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorneys Association6/30/202287
Deputy Sheriff's Association, Management Unite, Rank and File, and Probation6/30/20231,035
District Attorney Investigator's Association6/30/202319
Contra Costa County Firefighters Association, IAFF, Local 12306/30/2023332
Management Classified, Exempt and Management ProjectN/A418
Physicians and Dentists of Contra Costa10/31/2022254
Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 21, AFL-CIO6/30/20221,129
Public Employees Union, Local One6/30/2022541
SEIU Local 1021, Rank and File and Service Line Supervisors Units6/30/2022847
Teamsters, Local 8566/30/20221,821
United Chief Officers' Association6/30/202312
Western Council of Engineers6/30/2022     25

As of November, 2020