Prosecutor Academy

Prosecutor Academy Contra Costa County District Attorney

In 2015, Contra Costa County prosecutors Brian Feinberg and Ryan Wagner launched a program… 

“unparalleled for its immersive, hands on approach.” -- East Bay Times, May 31, 2017

First year law students are encouraged to spend one week learning from some of the top trial attorneys in the state at Prosecutor Academy. How do prosecutors decide what cases to file? How does a case proceed from arrest to jury trial? This one-week intensive training program will afford 1L students the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to succeed in the courtroom. 

During the five day seminar, experienced prosecutors from our county will instruct you on the various phases of a jury trial, including: opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations, and closing arguments. In addition, you will put your knowledge into action with daily practical exercises in an actual courtroom. Following each exercise, your instructors will give individualized feedback and the opportunity for you to perfect your craft. Do not miss this unique chance to experience life as a prosecutor for one week. If you are interested, please contact DDA Ryan Wagner by email

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