COVID-19 Economic Resources

At Contra Costa County our economic development mission is to connect business owners, employees, entrepreneurs and residents to the tools, resources and opportunities needed to sustain, overcome, and grow after the pandemic.  

The following resources are being posted here so that all of us - business owners, employees, and residents – can stay connected during the uncertainty of this public health crisis. 

Find out more public health updates at  Also, for check out Frequently Asked Questions or Preguntas frecuentes.

During the COVID-19 public health crises, Contra Costa County Economic Development staff will remain available to clients, businesses, residents, and community partners.  Please reach out to us by email or call 925-655-2782.  We are here to help and please feel free to share resources, employment opportunities, and resource tips with us.  We will post for all to benefit.  

Thank you, Contra Costa County

  1. Employees and Individuals
  2. Business Owners & Entrepreneur

Resources for Employees and Individuals

If your unemployed due to the pandemic, you may be eligible to receive assistance.  For specific information, review the following federal, state, local, and non-profit support services.

  1. California Employment Development Department

    Purpose: Unemployment Relief
    The EDD provides a variety of support services to people who have lost their jobs, had their hours reduced, or had their businesses affected due to the impacts of COVID-19 in California.
    Learn more at California Employment Development Department website 
  2. California Department of Industrial Relations

    Purpose: Paid Sick Leave and Labor Law Questions
    Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) on Laws Enforced by the California Labor Commissioner’s Office.
    Learn more at the California Department of Industrial Relations website
  3. California Arts Council

    Purpose: Resources for Artists and Arts Organization
    The California Arts Council has created a COVID-19 resource page, including emergency funding opportunities, emergency preparedness best practices, and webinars featuring arts leaders and artists from the national arts community.
    Learn more details on the California Arts Council website  
  4. Who’s Hiring Locally?

    Purpose: Select employment Opportunities
    Employers, share your job openings with us and our workforce and economic development network. Let us help share the news!
    Local companies currently hiring. : 
    1. Blue Apron in Richmond, CA 
    2. C&H Sugar in Crockett, CA
    3. in Oakley and Richmond, CA 
  5. California Labor & Workforce Development Agency

    Purpose: Support Services for workers
    State of California department charged with providing support services for workers.
    Learn more at California Labor & Workforce Development Agency
  6. Contra Costa County, Workforce Development Board

    Purpose: Resources for jobseekers
    The Workforce Development Board provides access and assistance to online career and jobseekers’ resources and benefits for Contra Costa County residents and employees.
    Learn more at Contra Costa County Workshop Development Board website

Last updated: March 1, 2023