Green Waste Program

What is the green waste program?Green Waste Pests

Contra Costa County falls within the quarantine boundaries of several invasive pests. Because insects and diseases such as Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) and Phytophthora ramorum (Sudden Oak Death, or SOD) present an ongoing threat to the agricultural industry, environment, and economy of California, the movement of green waste is restricted. Pests from infested areas can spread over great distances and into new areas if transported without proper safeguards. However, the state understands that complete restriction of movement could cripple California’s economy. Therefore, the limited movement of certain regulated materials is permitted if done in a specified manner. The program is a cooperative effort between public and private entities responsible for pest mitigation and movement of regulated materials from quarantine areas.

Am I required to have a green waste compliance agreement?

All parties involved in selling, transporting, or receiving green waste from a quarantine area must be issued a compliance agreement. If you are planning to move green waste, some helpful questions to ask include:

  • Do I compost green waste materials?
  • Am I a landfill that accepts green waste?
  • Do I haul or transport green waste?
  • Do I accept green waste and hold it until it can be transferred?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, depending on where you are transporting green waste, you may need a green waste compliance agreement and the appropriate exhibit

What is a green waste compliance agreement?

A compliance agreement is a contract agreement between the Contra Costa County Department of Agriculture and the entity handling green waste. It allows operators to move green waste that would normally be prohibited by quarantine regulations as long as they take the necessary steps to reduce the likelihood of spreading pests. Compliance agreements do not cost money, but may be required to move green waste to certain locations. Contra Costa County Department of Agriculture staff perform periodic inspections to ensure that the required steps are being followed.

What are compliance agreement exhibits?

The exhibits specify the requirements that an operator must meet. There are five exhibits, GW2 - Biomass Cogeneration, GW4 - Composter, GW6 - Landfill, GW10 - Transporter/Hauler, and GW12 - Transfer Station, which correspond to the way in which the entity deals with green waste. Each entity will only have one compliance agreement, but may have more than one exhibit. The compliance agreement remains valid as long as the entity abides by the requirements.

What pests are regulated in green waste?

Currently, Contra Costa County falls within the quarantine boundaries of Asian Citrus Psyllid (CCR 3435) and Sudden Oak Death / Phytophthora ramorum (CCR 3700). Green waste may move unrestricted within the boundaries of these quarantines, but movement of green waste outside of these areas is only permitted if the green waste operator has the necessary compliance agreement.

Where are the quarantine boundaries?

Asian citrus psyllid quarantine map (PDF)

SOD quarantine map (PDF)


Asian citrus psyllid quarantine information

SOD quarantine information

List of approved green waste establishments