Fred Jackson Way First Mile/Last Mile Connection

Project Information

Project No.:  0662-6U4153     

Project Description:  The project will improve access for all users, and provide access to affordable housing, transit, schools, employment, shopping, regional trails, a senior center, and community facilities. Improve pedestrian facilities on local streets in the area will provide greater access and mobility to residents of the area.

  • General Location: Fred Jackson Way, North Richmond
  • Supervisory District: 1
  • Location: Fred Jackson Way
  • Contract Cost (Est.): $2,500,000
  • Contractor: Ghilotti Bros. Inc.
  • Resident Engineer: Mike HagertyQuincy Engineering, Inc.          
  • Construction Start Date: July 26, 2021             
  • Funding Source: Active Transportation Program (ATP), Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC), Area of Benefit (AOB)
  • Working Days: 120
  • Construction End Date (Est): Jan 2022

Project Links

DBE Program: This project is partially funded by federal funds from U.S. Department of Transportation. The prospective bidders are required to comply with 49 Code of Regulations (CFR) Part 26. The prospective bidders must meet the project-specific Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goal or document the Good Faith Effort (GFE) process. It is important to note that to comply with the County DBE program’s Good Faith Effort, the bidders must take certain actions a minimum of 15 days prior to bid opening.