Federal D. Glover

Federal D. Glover

April 29, 2020:

This morning I rose from my bed, placed my right hand across my heart, and gave thanks for the miracle of life. Even though our communities are faced with a daunting public health crisis, I cannot help but be thankful that I am here with both the passion and the power to face life’s challenges. 

Exactly five years ago today, having suffered complete renal and cardiac failure, I was given a rebirth in a marathon 16-hour transplant surgery at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. On that day as one sadly lost his life, I was reborn through the selfless act of giving me their heart and kidneys. 

First and foremost, I am thankful to God, who in great mercy, granted me an extension on life. I am certain that I was a beneficiary of divine providence. From my heart, I “give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His mercies endure forever.”

The donor and the donor’s family have my eternal gratitude for making it possible for me to walk away from death’s door and face a new dawn. The remarkable surgeons at UCSF Medical Center, along with the talented supporting physicians, nurses, and technicians, are my heroes. 

But there is one unsung hero for whom I am especially grateful. Throughout the difficult days before and after my surgery, my wife Janis was by my side. She was my advocate, asking questions and pressing for answers from the medical team. She has been a rock throughout the years of our marriage. A favorite passage of scripture says, “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing.” In Janis, I have thankfully found a “good thing.”

My wonderful children and my grandchildren also gave me hope. The joy of watching them fulfill their destinies in life boosted my desire to get better and to keep on getting better. I am especially delighted that my youngest grandchild, True, celebrates her 2nd birthday on the same date as my rebirth day. 

Throughout the time of my illness and recovery, my distinguished colleagues on the Board of Supervisors, our esteemed county administrator, departmental staff, and my own staff, helped me find hope for renewal and helped me transition back to my role as a county supervisor. 

To all my extended family, friends, neighbors, and constituents, I am thankful for your prayers, your well wishes, and your confidence in me. In the five years since that April day in 2015, you have been wonderful in your ongoing support. My rebirth led me to renew my commitment to serve with faithfulness and to live in hope. 

For the gift of life, I am thankful!


FEDERAL GLOVER has been serving District 5 residents on the Board of Supervisors since 2000. He was chairman of the board in 2004, 2008, 2013 and 2017. He began his sixth term in 2021.

Born and raised in Pittsburg, Federal has lived in District 5 all his life. After attending San Francisco State University, he began working for local industries including POSCO and Dow Chemical. At Dow, where he worked 22 years, he served in several capacities centering on training and safety.

In 1996, following in the footsteps of his mentor and role model Taylor Davis and after serving on several city commissions, he won election to the Pittsburg City Council. From 1998 to 1999, Federal served as Mayor.

While on the Pittsburg City Council, Federal worked to improve the stability of the community. Under his leadership the City purchased its own Power Company and negotiations were completed for the construction of the new City Hall and a new fire station. He also voted to increase funding for citywide neighborhood revitalization, and established "Mayor’s Forums" where he encouraged open dialogue between residents and city staff.

As a County Supervisor, Federal implemented several ordinances and beefed up county services that helped improve the quality of life for residents in his district and the rest of the county.

Among those actions are:

He initiated the regional effort by East County cities and the county to secure funding for Highway 4 improvements and the eBART extension to Antioch and helped secure funding from regional, state and federal agencies for those improvements to the tune of $1-billion.

He consolidated three rural fire districts into the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District and help bring more local control of the district.

He created the Board of Supervisor’s Public Protection Committee for overseeing all issues pertaining to public safety and the justice system, including fire prevention, CERT training and realignment/reentry of state prisoners to be placed under county supervision.

He changed the manner in which the Keller Canyon Landfill Mitigation Fund is dispensed so that it helps improve the quality of life of East County residents.

Implemented safety improvements to Vasco Road.

Completed the final phases of the North Broadway Infrastructure Program in Bay Point.

The Vessel Ordinance allows the cleanup of our Delta waterways of derelict or abandoned vessels.

He strongly supports the Urban Limit Line, which intends to rein in suburban sprawl and to preserve open space.

Through the sponsorship of seminars and symposiums, he supports economic development efforts to improve the business climate and job opportunities in Contra Costa County.

He helped facilitate the coming together of Los Medanos College with local industries to update job training programs to increase the local workforce for 21st century needs.   

He initiated County youth conferences which give young people a chance to air their views to community leaders and get valuable information about careers and education.

The AIDS/HIV Task Force initiates educational and informational events to help prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS in our community.

The Faith Initiative brings together clergy of all faiths to present a common front against some of the issues facing family life in East County.

The Gang Task Force is a holistic approach through prevention and intervention from the perspectives of law enforcement, education, faith and community groups to combat the influence of the “gang” lifestyle among the youth of East County.

As the District V representative on the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, Federal is committed to reinforcing a sense of community by building bridges of trust, inclusion and cooperation among the diverse elements of District V.

He believes a strong community values the uniqueness of these different interest groups and diverse religious traditions. A strong community also recognizes their interdependency.

It takes many elements to foster a sense of community. “Besides shared values, rights and responsibility,” he says, “we also need an atmosphere of civility, trust and respect along with opportunities for networking and active participation.”

He has been married to Janis Glover for over forty-two years. They have been blessed with two children, Tederal and Carissa, as well as six grandchildren. The Glovers make their home in Pittsburg.