Food Resources

Food Resources

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Contra Costa County COVID-19 Food Distribution Map

Click on the map below or on this link to view the interactive map.  
Resources are updated frequently. 

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Grocery store special hours for seniors and vulnerable folks 

Dollar General: The first hour of the day is open to senior shoppers.

Target: On Tuesdays, during the first hour Target is open, they offer dedicated shopping time for guests over 65 years old, pregnant women and those defined by the CDC as vulnerable or at-risk. To confirm local store opening times, visit If no vulnerable guests are waiting to shop when the store opens, and other guests are waiting to shop, store leaders may decide to open the store to all guests. 

Trader Joes: Wed and Sun: during the first hour of operation, Trader Joes prioritize service for our senior customers (age 60 and over) and customers with disabilities who may need extra assistance. For changes and specific hours, click here

Walmart:  hosts a senior shopping hour every Tuesday for customers age 60 and older. This starts one hour before the store opens. The pharmacies and vision centers will also be open during this time. For more information, please visit here.