Pest Detection Trapping Program

Every year our staff places and inspects over 6,000 insect detection traps on selected residential and commercial properties throughout the county. When a target pest is found, immediate steps are taken to control or eradicate the population.

Exotic insect pests that are trapped in Contra Costa County

What you can do to help

Public participation is critical to the success of this program, since staff rely on the goodwill of those who allow traps to be placed on their properties. Traps are placed free of charge and monitored regularly. Trap inspection normally only takes a few minutes and can usually be done without disruption to the resident/business. Property occupants are not restricted in the use or care of their fruit trees, garden or lawn while traps are present. 

Residential properties with fruit trees are ideal trapping locations. Other plants of use to the trapping program include roses, turf and some select landscape ornamental plants. If you interested in having traps placed on your property to help in the fight against pests, contact us at [email protected] or call us at (925) 608-6600.

Are you interested in becoming a Pest Detection Specialist?

Our Pest Detection Specialists deploy and service insect traps throughout populated areas of the county to monitor for invasive insect pests that are detrimental to agriculture and the environment. These positions are seasonal, and generally run for about eight months from early spring until the end of November. If you have applied for the position, please familiarize yourself with the study materials before you come in for an interview.