Applying for a New Building or Grading Permit 

We now provide 100% digital permit application submission through our ePermits Center. 
We no longer accept paper applications and plans.
The digital application has helped us process over 14,000 building permits a year! 

This page will help you successfully submit an application for a building or grading permit. Our goal is to help you get your permit as quickly as possible. 

Please read the information carefully because your project will be delayed if you submit a permit application that is incomplete.

ePermits Center Page

If you are already familiar with applying for ePermits go to the ePermits Center to get started with submitting your application. 

ePermits Center Help

If this is your first time applying, or if you need clarification or more information, please read the sections below and visit our ePermits Center help page

Revisions, Extensions, and Renewals

If you need to submit building permit revisions, extensions, or renewals, please visit the Building Permit Revisions, Extensions, and Renewals webpage

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  1. As of April 1, 2022 building permit applications for new Residential, Retail, Office, or Hotel 
    buildings must include all-electric (no natural gas) designs.

    Learn more about the All-Electric Ordinance