Brentwood Oil and Gas

Project Description

The applicant requests approval of a Land Use Permit to allow the establishment of an approximately 60,000 square-foot gas and oil well pad on an agriculturally zoned 160-acre parcel located in unincorporated Brentwood. The proposed wellsite would be located approximately 465 feet south and 525 feet west of the northeast corner of the subject property, approximately  2,600 feet south of the corner of Heidorn Ranch Road and Old Sand Creek Road, and approximately 980 feet northwest of St. Regis Court.  

The project proposes to use a temporary, portable drilling rig to explore for the accumulation of oil and/or gas within the Old Brentwood Oil and Gas Field. Three exploratory wells would be drilled. Exploratory drilling time is estimated to take approximately 20 to 30 days per well. If oil and/or gas is found in commercial quantities, casing would be installed, and a smaller completion rig would be moved in for a permanent production well. If installed, the completion rig would operate for up to 12 hours per day. If commercial quantities of oil/gas are found, the proposal also includes the installation of a 3-inch (diameter) pipeline, which would run approximately 4-feet under the existing access road.  

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Announcement Regarding Land Use Application, County File #LP19-2019

The Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development (DCD) has determined that additional environmental review is required for the Powerdrive Oil and Gas Wells Project (County File #LP19-2019) located approximately 2,600 feet south of the corner of Heidorn Ranch Road and Old Sand Creek Road and approximately 980 feet northwest of St. Regis Court in unincorporated Brentwood (Project). 

DCD will prepare a revised draft environmental document and anticipates making it available for public comment in April of 2021 (subject to change). Everyone who commented on the previous draft environmental document will receive a notice when the revised draft environmental document is available for public comment. 

Once the public comment period on the revised draft environmental document has concluded, a public hearing to consider the project will be held.