Illegal Dumping Ad Hoc Committee


In 2018, the County formed an interdepartmental Illegal Dumping Think Tank team and began implementing numerous strategies in unincorporated county to combat illegal dumping as part of the Contra Costa County Illegal Dumping Initiative. Strategies are grouped into four categories: educate, prevent, clean up, and enforce, and include a public outreach campaign to educate residents about dumping, street signs placed near dumping zones with information on how to report dumping activity, removal of abandoned recreation vehicles, and dedicated law enforcement to investigate dumping crimes.

The Board of Supervisors’ Illegal Dumping Ad Hoc Committee was formed in June 2019 to help oversee the implementation of the approved Illegal Dumping Strategies (PDF) recommended by the interdepartmental Illegal Dumping Think Tank team. 


Supervisor Diane Burgis
Supervisor Federal Glover

Meetings and Agendas

See "Meeting Agendas" below.

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Meeting Dates

Starting February 2024, the Illegal Dumping Ad Hoc Committee will meet every first Thursday in February and September. 

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