Spieker Senior Continuing Care Community Project

Project Description

The Spieker Senior Continuing Care Community (“Project”) includes development of a self-contained continuing care retirement community, or CCRC, offering continuing care contracts that provide for housing, resident services, and long-term care.

The Project Site consists of two existing parcels containing approximately 30.4 total acres, situated in the unincorporated Walnut Creek area at the easterly end of Seven Hills Ranch Road.

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Preliminary Application Descriptions

The following outline the planning approval requests associated with the Spieker Senior Continuing Care Community. Please note, these may change once the initial review has been fully administered and the application has been deemed complete.

County File #CDGP20-00001 

The applicant requests approval of a General Plan Amendment to change the land use designation of the project site from Single-Family Residential, Medium Density (SM) to Multiple-Family Residential, Congregate Care (CC)

County File #CDRZ20-03255

The applicant requests approval to rezone the 30-acre project site from a General Agricultural (A-2) district to a Planned Unit (P-1) district.

County File #CDDP20-03018

The applicant requests approval of a Preliminary and Final Development Plan to allow for a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that consists of 354 independent living units, 100-unit health center, maintenance building, parking structure, clubhouse, and recreation building. The applicant also requests approval of a tree permit to remove approximately 353 trees. As part of the development the applicant proposes grading activities consisting of 225,000 cubic yards of cut and 150,000 cubic yards of fill, which may result in a net of 75,000 cubic yards of material being exported from the site.

County File #CDLP20-02038

The applicant requests approval of a tentative map to reconfigure two existing parcels from 13 and 17 acres in area, to 25 and 5 acres in area with refined legal descriptions

County File #CDMS20-00007

The applicant requests approval of a lot line adjustment to allow the reconfiguration of the two parcels that comprise the project site from approximately 13 and 17 acres in area, to approximately 25 and 5 acres in area. 

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Current Project Status

The environmental review phase of the application process has been initiated and County staff will soon begin drafting the Environmental Impact Report.

Website updated on 2/18/2021 including revised project description (PDF), CDMS20-00007 project description, revised civil engineering plans (PDF), and refined architectural plans (PDF).  

Project Milestones

January 22, 2021

Project applications deemed complete

August 3, 2020

Project applications formally submitted to the County