Keep the Delta Clean

Keep the Delta Clean logo with Stanley the Striped Bass holding a glass of waterDelta marina operators, caring boaters, and volunteer dockwalkers are teaming up with Keep the Delta Clean Program and local and state public agencies to help preserve the Delta's precious water resources, sustain the quality of boating recreation, and support environmental health. A critical step in achieving this is to improve access to clean and safe boating information and provide convenient environmental services to make it easy for people to do the right thing wile enjoying the Delta.

Thanks to a grant from the State Water Resources Control Board and lots of hard work from many people, there are newly installed environmental services that are open and free to the boating community. These locations can be found at a variety of marinas throughout the Delta. The services include: Oil Recycling Centers (accepting used oil, oil filters, oil absorbents and marine batteries); Oil Absorbent Exchange Centers (boaters can pick up and drop off oil absorbents for free); fishing line recycling stations; cigarette butt disposal containers; pet waste stations and; informational kiosks (displaying clean and safe boating information).

In an effort to ensure boaters have good resources about clean and safe boating, the Keep the Delta Clean Program is also distributing a limited supply of free Boaters Kits.


The mission of the Keep the Delta Clean Program is to improve access to convenient, free, and publicly accessible marina-based pollution prevention services, and to provide valuable resources for the recreational boating community that inspire environmentally sound and safety-conscious decision-making while boating in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.