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Stanley the Striped Bass driving a boat and looking at a mapKids Keeping the Delta Clean

Hi kids, my name is Stanley the Striped Bass. My friends and I live near you in the Delta. There are fish that live underwater with me, birds that fly through the sky and plants that grow on the shore. Just like you need clean water to drink and play in, we need clean water to live in too. You can do your part to make a difference and keep the Delta Clean and safe for all of us.

Keep the Delta Clean Activity Book with Stanley the Striped Bass and friends

Ask you parents or teacher to print the activity book for you. Have fun with the connect-the-dots page, word puzzle, animal find and watershed maze.

Your parents or teacher can also ask us to send them free activity books. Book can be ordered by emailing Melinda Harris.

Visit other cool websites where you can learn more about clean water and how to protect our beautiful environment. Use the links below to check out these special websites that are just for you.

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